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Biosignature Modulation: Разпределние на мазнините по тялото

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Лазар Радков (Thai)

Юзър от: 11 Яну 2005
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МнениеПуснато на: Чет Фев 01, 2007 14:16    Заглавие: Biosignature Modulation: Разпределние на мазнините по тялото Отговорете с цитат

Ще се радвам на коментари и допълнителна информация по въпроса:

Biosignature Modulation Seminar

In a nutshell, Biosignature Modulation is a system Poliquin developed over the course of 20-plus years of taking clients' skinfolds and comparing the results to what their bloodwork revealed about their hormonal status.

Poliquin says that with Biosignature Modulation, a skilled trainer needs to just measure twelve specific skinfolds to reliably predict what's going on hormonally inside a client and make the necessary dietary and exercise recommendations. While some may still cry "voodoo," Charles says Biosignature Modulation is now being embraced by North America's functional medicine practitioners.

I've known about the Biosignature Modulation system for a few years, but wanted to get a bit more information before I bellied up to the bar and sipped the Poliquin Kool-Aid. One thing that always bothered me about B.M. is that it appears to give clients an "easy out" for making piss-poor lifestyle choices. Meaning, an overweight guy with significant abdominal fat can now whine that it's stress-induced cortisol that's giving him a pot belly as opposed to that half-pound bean burrito combo he eats for lunch every day.

But in retrospect, that kind of thinking is a strawman argument. Biosignature Modulation isn't intended as a substitute for basic sound dietary practices (multiple feedings, protein at each meal, EFAs, fiber) but rather it's a means of fine tuning the basics by identifying potential roadblocks.

Many people have hormonal issues that make their fat loss efforts more like a Rubik's Cube than a blueprint for success: poor insulin sensitivity, low androgens, a sluggish thyroid, estrogen imbalances, etc. Biosignature Modulation allows the trainer to spot these pitfalls and make appropriate changes without having to send the client off for inconvenient, expensive blood tests.

Here's a brief synopsis of the sites and what elevated levels vs. the triceps may reveal about what's going on inside:

Chin & Cheek — The first sites to go down during a diet. These sites aren't linked to any particular hormone imbalance.

Pectoral & Triceps — The androgen sites. High pec readings in men in relation to the triceps can reflect an androgen/estrogen imbalance. Interestingly, Charles says a female who clocks in at less than 5mm on the triceps site is almost a shoe-in to be on AAS and likely rides a stationary bike as foreplay.

Suprailliac & Subscapular — The insulin sites. These sites are related to blood sugar management. High readings here vs. the triceps may reflect poor insulin sensitivity and carb intolerance.

Mid-axillary — This site is correlated to thyroid hormone levels. The lower the number, the better the thyroid.

Umbilical — The much maligned cortisol site. It can be high despite low overall body fat.

Knee & Medial Calf — These skinfolds are related to growth hormone. Interestingly, readings on the knee site tend to go up in the third and fourth week of a fat loss diet and then go back down.

Quadriceps & Hamstring — High levels here vs. the triceps are correlated to high estrogen levels.

The balance of the seminar was spent identifying exactly where each site was and obtaining a correct skinfold pinch (not always an easy task!) Then for each site Charles suggested training, diet, and supplementation programs to implement when encountering an abnormally elevated skinfold.
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Лазар Радков (Thai)

Юзър от: 11 Яну 2005
Мнения: 58
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и нали съм якия пич - ето още информация:



Q. Dear Milos,
A gentleman at my local gym, told me about a one hour private consultation telephone call he had with you recently, and to be honest, I was astonished at what you told him.
You mentioned something called Biosignature Modulation, and ways to reduce body fat in certain areas of the body. I have never ever heard you talk about spot reduction before.
Can you explain this theory to me, because it really intrigues me, and I would love to know the scientific logic behind it?

A. For many years I have been advising my clients to always make certain that their energy consumption (food intake) matched their specific goals. If someone wished to reduce their bodyweight, (body fat) then its only logical that their caloric intake, should be considerably lower than their energy expenditure.
Under normal circumstances to create this caloric difference (deficit) we can either increase our amount of physical activity, or reduce our daily intake of food. However, we can, if need be, do both.
But, you are absolutely right, about the fact that I have never endorsed spot reduction techniques. For years I believed that most of us had genetically determined spots in our bodies, where excess calories that we consume, appear in the form of fat deposits.
However, four or five years ago, my good friend, and worlds greatest strength coach, (in my opinion) Charles Poliquin, pointed out to me that he could tell precisely, (by measuring my bodyfat with calipers) what was going on in my body.
Since 1997 he has periodically measured my body fat, and would then inform me that I had either adrenal exhaustion, high cortisol or even a thyroid problem etc.
At first I felt that his findings were simply speculation, or coincidence on his part, however, after observing many of his clients, (myself included) I began to realize that he was coincidently always right.
Dont you just hate that, when this happens?
Anyway, to cut a long story short he began telling me about Biosignature Modulation methods, that he used on his clients. Basically he started to apply this method to specifically target these particular areas, where those individuals had a tendency to store fat.
I would like to point out that Charles is working with super star athletes, who are already in great physical shape, and at the top of their particular fields of endevour. He has, with great success accomplished favorable body composition changes, because he recognizes the characteristics of each and every fat storage site, of his clients.
Since he turned me onto his research, I have found a lot of ground for his claims. First of all I started reading medical journals which outlined all the health risks of obese people. Â Plus I discovered clear documented evidence, that site-specific fat storage could be attributed to hormonal imbalances (besides genetics). Hormonal changes and imbalances such as high cortisol, high insulin, and low growth hormone levels, including variations of the amounts of testosterone in man, (low) and women, (high) as well as estrogen. All these factors could determine the process of regional fat distribution.

Numerous studies confirmed a direct connection of localized (site specific) fat deposition, and in particular hormonal changes, including production and elimination. The first studies were done on people that carried most of their fat in their abdominal region. It was found that the most common health risk of obese people is stress. Obese people under stress secrete more cortisol, which activates an increase in fat-storage enzymes.
But, it wasnt until studies were done on non-obese women, (who gained excess abdominal
fat due to stress) which linked the elevation of cortisol to midsection obesity.
Charles is very systematic and keeps documented journals, (with photos, programs, body fat
measurements, diet and supplementation protocols of each and every athlete that he works with.
He has shown me dozens of examples where some of his stressed athletes accumulated most fat in their
umbilical region (stomach). Unfortunately, during the 2001 contest season, I became one of his clients with the exact same kind of problem. Looking at the photos from the 2001 Night of Champions I could see that my abdominals were definitely not as lean as usual, and the skin fold measurement on Charles's chart showed an increase in abdominal fat.
Looking back over that period, I can remember that I was extremely stressed, due to serious business problems, which I was going through at the time.
Then I remembered a couple of years before taking a personal friend (also an IFBB professional) to see
Charles, and after only one brief body fat test he diagnosed him with high levels of circulating insulin! He backed up this diagnosis because of the fat that my friend carried in his supra-iliac region.
Needles to say he was right on the money, (again!) because my friend had entered a state of insulin resistance.
Finally, another friend of mine, an IFBB fitness competitor and model, had problems in her gluteal area, which meant that her legs were never as lean as her upper body. Â Charles put her on a specific supplementation program, and within just a couple of months she managed to considerably lean out,
in those exact areas.
I could continue with more examples, as I remember them, however, this was enough for me to consider his Biosignature Modulation theory and system, as a very valuable tool for any nutritionist.
So if you ask me now if I believe in spot reduction I would have to definitely say YES!
By knowing a persons Biosignature, we can possibly optimize their health and improve their body
composition, following site-characteristic protocols.
Here are four examples:
(1.) High - lower body (upper thigh skin fold and gluteal fold) fat measurements, indicate high amounts of so-called Alpha-2-receptors, (more common in women) plus high levels of estrogens.
The recommended treatment for this would be yohimbine which is available at any health food shop. Yohimbine is extracted from the bark of yohimbe trees and its a selective alpha 2 antagonist.
By locally blocking alpha-2 receptors we maximize fat loss, and minimize fat accumulation.
Yohimbine cream is definitely a better choice because oral delivery of yohimbine could result in systematically high blood levels that could have dangerous side effects on the heart and the CNS (central nervous system).
Yohimbine cream would also increase peripheral blood flow, (adipose tissue has very poor vascularity)
which would greatly increase lipolysis (mobilization of fatty acids causing fat loss). I used this cream very successfully on Kris Dim for this years NPC Nationals.
Charles also suggested the supplement indole-3-carbinol, (found in Broccoli type vegetables) as an estrogen detoxifier, as well as isoflavones (diadzein and genistein) found in soy beans.
Even though these isoflavones show estrogenic properties, (therefore classified as phytoestrogens) in this instance they would act as anti-estrogens. It is somewhat confusing, but simply put, if there is not enough estrogens in the tissues, diadzein and genistein would bind to estrogen receptors producing an estogen-like response (not good!). However, if there is a presence of excess estrogens, (a known characteristic for this group) they would bind to its receptors, creating an anti-estrogenic effect.

(2.) High umbilical (abdominal) skin fold measurements alarmed health care professionals because one study consisting of 30,000 women over a period of 12 years discovered that women with higher umbilical fat measurements, (abdominal fat accumulation) were more likely to develop heart disease than other ordinary overweight women. As I mentioned before, this group had to deal with high stress and chronically elevated cortisol. The popular supplement phosphatydylserine has shown a dramatic reduction of circulating cortisol, (as well as improved mood, memory, and motivation to fight stress and depression).
Charles also recommends fish oils rich in essential omega-3 oils and Licorice Root which helps the regulation of cortisol production. Glycerrhizin is a component of licorice, which is capable of inactivating cortisol.
Another good idea for any person belonging to this particular group is to limit (reduce) their caffeine and simple sugars consumption. These are factors that could impact (increase) their levels of cortisol in the body.
(3.) People with a high, mid-axillary ( upper outer lat region) fat measurement, usually have some form of thyroid problem.
This year during my contest preparation for the New York Night of the Champions, and Hungarian GP, I experienced certain thyroid problems myself which resulted in me turning up at these shows with a softer looking back.
The supplements that I recommend to treat this particular problem are: Guggulsterones (a compound of herb Guggul) which stimulates synthesis of T3, active form of thyroid hormone. Also a good choice would be a Bladerwrack a natural source of Iodine, Zinc and Selenenium all responsible for thyroid hormone production..Finally, Ashwaganda (withania somnfera) and Coleus root( a member of the mint family) both used frequently to stimulate the thyroid gland.
(4) If a supra iliac (love handles) skin fold is high, then the person could have a circulating insulin problem, so a low carbohydrate diet is recommended here. Take frequent smaller meals, consisting of essential fats and high fiber. Supplements such as fenugreek and flax seeds will control levels of blood sugar and insulin.
So, there you have it. I hope you find some logic and rationale behind all this, because I would be the first one to admit that I didnt think much of Biosignature Modulation, until my own personal experiences, coincided with the theory.

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Thai написа:

(4) If a supra iliac (love handles) skin fold is high, then the person could have a circulating insulin problem, so a low carbohydrate diet is recommended here. Take frequent smaller meals, consisting of essential fats and high fiber. Supplements such as fenugreek and flax seeds will control levels of blood sugar and insulin.

Не знам за другото, но трябва да кажа че първото нещо което си отива при мен когато следвам НВД са точно тези паласки Razz
А ако това всичкото наистина е така, ще е просто супер Shocked
Some people need wings to fly, I need faith...
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Лазар Радков (Thai)

Юзър от: 11 Яну 2005
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малко фийдбек от немски форум: http://www.team-andro.com/phpBB2/topic,14560,-yohimbe-750-mg.html

КХ подтискат ефекта на йохимбе-то
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Галина Толкингтън (galya)
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Друга статия, същото инфо:
The Bodyfat Blueprint
Regional Body Fat Storage and the Hormonal Implications Thereof
Part I: Practical Applications
by Marc McDougal

Sometimes in the world of exercise science, we are forced to come full circle with our discoveries. At first we scoff at an idea, mocking those who embrace it, citing references and theories, and generally low-browing the inferior neophytes who make these awful suggestions. Then years go by, more research is done, more anecdotal experience is had, and we are obligated to eat crow. The newest crow-flavored delicacy at the Physiology Café is called "Spot Reduction, a la carte". Who's hungry?

In the past, exercise physiologists have espoused the idea that body fat is lost systemically and uniformly depending on "where the body decides" to take it from first. Fairly recently however, some innovative strength coaches have progressed past these theories and realized that with careful manipulation of certain hormones in the body, we truly do have the power to choose where fat is lost from! First and foremost, I would like to credit Charles Poliquin for coming up with his well publicized methods of regional bodyfat manipulation which he calls "Biosignature Modulation". Other strength coaches have followed suit and are starting to tailor client's diets and training based on where they store their body fat.

When I first read about these theories, I must admit, I claimed voodoo. The black arts have no place in my arsenal of adipose destruction. Nonetheless, I found the ideas intriguing, so I did a bit more research, and decided to use some of my clients as lab rats (not to worry, my clients love to be used...in many, many ways). My results were nothing less than astounding. Monthly measurements were truly shocking, for myself and my rats/clients. After continuing to experiment with hundreds of subjects, I have been able to come up with plans of attack that allow me to do two things that I have never been able to do before:
Predict with great accuracy the 2 (of 7) highest skinfold measurements on a client after only a verbal consultation.
Pick the 2 spots that the client wants to reduce first and successfully target their loss to a far more rapid pace than other sites.

Poliquin and others have set out some great tips and strategies pertaining to this issue, but I found them somewhat incomplete. I needed more, as I'm sure many of you do as well. I have also previously found there to be a lack of citation for real research backing up these views. In Part I, I'm going to tailor to the ADD in all of you, and get right to the good stuff. You can walk away from this and start applying tips to your diet, supplementation, and workouts immediately. Next month, I will indulge the science minded folks and delve deep into the true physiological mechanisms, complete with all of the research you could ever hope for.

As it turns out, the body has quite a slew of hormones circulating at any given time, all with their own optimal levels. When certain hormones get too high or too low, they can cause excess fat storage at certain sites. Key players include:
Growth Hormone

Lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, genetics, etc. can all play a role in the deviation of these hormones to suboptimal levels. By listening to your body, you can straighten these out and take them back to normal or better.

First off, you will need to have the results from a qualified coach for a seven site body fat caliper test including:
Bicep (Taken vertically halfway between the crease of the elbow and the acromion process, slightly medial. Client should relax the arm to his/her side with the palm up)

Tricep (Taken vertically halfway between the elbow and the tip of the posterior aspect of the shoulder. Client should relax arm)

Subscapular (Taken diagonally along the angle of the scapula, just below the bone)

Mid-axillary (Taken vertically just below the lower crease of the armpit, just south of where the deodorant cakes up)

Supra-iliac (Taken diagonally just above the peak of the iliac crest, in line with the armpit.)

Umbilical (Taken vertically just laterally of the belly button.)

Quadricep (Taken vertically halfway between the iliac crest and the patella)

Note: It is extremely important that these measurements be taken at the exact same spot with every follow up. Even a slight shift in location can largely affect the reading.

Find the two sites with the highest mm readings. These should be your initial focus when trying to decrease overall body composition. However, you could very well decrease other less problematic sites as well depending on your preference. I know this is what John Romaniello does with his abdominal measurement so that he can wear his crop-top shirts out to the clubs on the weekends. Now if we could just get him to shave his belly...

This chart will give you the tools to learn how to manage the hormones and watch your sites drop. As I said, this is all based off of hundreds of trials, as well as many published studies.

This measurement should be used as a reference point to develop a ratio with the tricep. Males should shoot for a 1:1 with a 1:2 being the ceiling. Females should shoot for a 1:2 with a 1:3 being the ceiling. If the tricep shows at higher than these ratios, this can be an indication of circulating progesterone levels being elevated (you sissy).

Again, this is an indication that your progesterone and possibly other estrogen metabolites are too high. When you raise your arms up, does it look like you are wearing a cape? Bat wings, lunch-lady arms, mud flaps etc-- here's how to fix 'em. Females should pay close attention to any hormones they are using. Many forms of birth control can immediately cause women to increase their fat storage in this area (as well as quadriceps). Countless times I have seen women lose significant tricep adipose tissue simply by discontinuing use of birth control, or switching to a form that can be better tolerated. However, getting pregnant is decidedly not an efficient way to lose body fat either, so either cover your bases, or be forced to name your kid after me.

Males have quite a few options for eliminating those excess estrogen metabolites including:
Stop shopping at Gap
Cut back on "Lifetime" movies
Quit vacuuming in your girlfriend's underwear

Both males and females can target this area in a few other ways. Try to eliminate
"xenoestrogens", i.e. environmental estrogens that can end up in your blood stream. Here are some common ones:
Phthalates- found in plastics, exacerbated when heated. (Hint hint--don't microwave plastics!!)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)- found in waxes, glues, and flame retardants. Please don't superglue your Haz-Mat suit on your body.

Parabeans- Perfumes, colognes, aerosol air fresheners, etc. Try to find those without this nasty chemical. Score another one for Axe body spray-- no parabeans! You can eat that stuff, I swear.

Pesticides/Insecticides- Wash your produce; wipe the paws of your outdoor pets when they come inside, keep field grazing to a "special treat".

Many others exist as well, some very hard to avoid. These truly can have a significant impact on the hormones in your body and are nothing to jeer at. Taking an anti-estrogen/progesterone is a good idea for those who tend to store fat in the tricep/quad region. Here are some options:
High Lignan Flax Oil: Lignans are a type of fiber that can remove excess estrogen metabolites from the blood stream. This gives you the added benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitex Agnus Castus (chasteberry): Most research on this compound focuses on its ability to lessen symptoms of PMS, although it does show the declination of the implicated hormones. This would be a good product for women, but is questionable for men as some research shows it to be an anti-androgen.

Calcium D-Glucarate: Great for reduction in the implicated hormones, as well as significant effects on promoting liver health, anti-cancer, and lipid lowering.

Clomiphene (Clomid): A prescription LH booster, as well as an anti-estrogen.

Tamoxifen (Nolvadex): Another prescription anti-estrogen, however I would not recommend this due to recent research displaying some dangerous properties to this drug.

And finally, stop smoking pot you damn hippies, as that can cause elevation of estrogen metabolites as well.

Depends on who you ask! Some coaches implicate this measurement with high free testosterone levels, while others relate it to degree of insulin sensitivity. I'll discuss this more in depth in Part II to cover what the research really says about subscapular body fat storage. Until then, we are going to group this one with insulin management. (See "Supra-Iliac")

Time to take care of your thyroid!

Gugglesterones: Help boost natural thyroid output, as well as being anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, and exhibiting cholesterol lowering effects.
Coleus forskohlii: Thyroid booster
Cytomel: Prescription synthetic thyroid hormone

Those who store excess body fat in the upper hip region tend to have a degree of insulin resistance, as well as sub-optimal growth hormone (GH) levels. This hormonal pair makes absolute sense, as elevated insulin can impede the pulsatile release of GH. Insulin resistance means that your body isn't using glucose efficiently, which causes a host of insulin related problems ultimately leading to decreased energy, increased fat storage, decreased cognitive function, etc. How to solve it:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fish oil or flax oil, depending on which suits your needs to a greater extent. If you store high fat in the quadricep and tricep regions as well, go with the flax for some fat loss multitasking (just make sure it's high lignan). Take at least 3,000mg of combined EPA/DHA per day, up to about 9,000mg. Dosage depends on total fat intake, lean body mass, and omega 3 content in the existing diet. If you use Flax oil, be sure not to use it while you have any caffeine in your system as it can interfere with your body's conversion of alpha linolenic acid into eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (the active compounds in the omega 3 fatty acid responsible for the positive effects on insulin mediated glucose transport).

Decrease/Eliminate Trans Fatty Acids: Avoid cooking with oils, anything with hydrogenated fats (regular peanut butter, frozen waffles, margarine, etc.).

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: Take this about 20-30 minutes before meals for an increase in insulin sensitivity. This is a great compound that has proven very effective in research as well as real world, especially for those that have a degree of insulin resistance. Dosage should range from 100-300mg depending on amount of carbohydrates in the meal.

Decrease Carbs: Your total carb intake should be no more than .75xLBM while repairing your insulin sensitivity, with most of these carbs coming during and after your workout (when insulin sensitivity will be temporarily elevated). The rest of your carbs should be from low Glycemic Index, low Insulin Index foods such as green vegetables, yams, whole oats, fibrous fruits, and beans.

Fiber: As long as your carbs are coming from the right sources, this shouldn't be a problem. Try to make sure you are getting between 25-40g/day depending on LBM and total calories.

Increase Workout Frequency: Workout everyday if possible. This means decreasing your total volume per workout, and repeating more often. Each bout in the weight room causes a significant increase in insulin sensitivity, with frequent workouts you can achieve an around the clock elevation in the way your body handles glucose and insulin. Avoid training to failure at all costs, train hard but always make your last rep look like your first. A good place to start is 5 days with weight training and 3 days with cardio.

Eliminate Stimulants: Time to loose the caffeine, ephedrine, etc. These compounds have a negative impact on insulin sensitivity, and need to be avoided until you improve your body's tolerance. Switch to Green Tea, which can have a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity. You may also want to consider some nootropic compounds to keep the mental edge if you are used to stimulants to keep you going. Click here for a rundown on these cognitive enhancing compounds.

Alright fat bellies, listen up. First off quit drinking the beer, as it somehow takes a one-way route right to the belly in every man, woman and child. Sack up and drink some chilled vodka-- if it's good enough for the Russians, its good enough...wait, well, it's better for you; let's leave it at that.

Cortisol, testosterone, and even growth hormone play a role in this region. First we'll tackle cortisol, as it is the most common culprit of abdominal fat storage.

Cortisol Reduction Methods:
Quit your job: You're obviously too stressed at work. Get a nice hobby. Kidding aside, stress is the number one factor in elevated cortisol, so it's time to relax and take a few deep breaths. Come on your life doesn't suck that bad.

Sleep: Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep every night, uninterrupted. Waking up to quickly drain the hose isn't a bad thing, but continuous breaks of more than a few minutes during the sleep cycle will surely disturb the process. Those of you that "feel fine" after only 5 hours per night, take a good look at your belly and keep telling yourself how fine you feel.

Eliminate NSAIDS: Over the counter pain killers are nothing but evil. Not only do they negatively affect cortisol, but they decrease protein synthesis rates making everything you do in the gym more arduous. Stick to fish oils for their anti-inflammatory properties, and get your injuries fixed!

Fish Oils: They do everything. Get used to it. Take them. Lots. Enjoy the taste.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's): Two options here, take your LBM in kg and multiply it by .4, consume this in liquid form during your workout, heavily diluted in water. Option two; consume 5g mixed BCAAs between each meal, in about 16oz water. I recommend ICE made by Xtreme Formulations. This protocol has shown to cause a significant reduction in abdominal body fat storage, while preserving lean mass (LBM) while in a caloric restriction.

Phosphatidylserine: Studies have shown that 800mg/day can significantly suppress cortisol. This can get expensive, which is why I don't recommend it as a blanket performance supplement, just to those with indications of high cortisol levels.

Bacopa: This is a nootropic agent with some cortisol suppressing properties. All the more reason to take an 800mg capsule of this every day upon rising (you'll be smarter and thinner!). A very cheap and effective supplement.

5-HTP: Take 50mg between meals. This can cause significant mood elevation and sense of well being for those of you with heightened stress levels. It also suppresses carbohydrate cravings through the elevation of serotonin, which can be handy when dieting.

Yohimbine: Men have alpha-2 adrenoreceptors in the abdominal region, and oral or transdermal yohimbine has been shown to directly target these receptors to aid in fat loss. Avoid this compound if you have any blood pressure issues, otherwise take between 3-8mg between meals 3x/day.

Kill the Cardio: Long duration cardio can cause an elevation in cortisol, so stick to short interval sessions. I usually recommend 20 minutes total, 2 or 3 times per week max. Perform 30 second "sprints" (all out, hard as you can) followed by 90 second recovery phases.

Post Workout: Ensure that you have an adequate post workout shake immediately after you finish. Cortisol is elevated during your workout, and proper nutrition is vital to bring it back down and start the recovery process. Take 250mg Vitamin C with 400 I.U. Vitamin E along with a good post workout shake such as Relentless (which has a good dose of phosphatidylserine already in it).
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Галина Толкингтън (galya)
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Две стотинки по въпроса:
В случаите, в които мога да кажа...е да тази гънка е много по голяма, тя е видимо по голяма, т.е не е нужно да измерваш за да видиш къде е ключа от палатката. Досега не се е случило да мисля, че някой има излишен инсулин и да не е така. Винаги ама винаги мазнините около корема и паласките, понякога и гърба са брутално по-големи + висцерална мазнина също. При мъжете тя обикновено е повече и бързо пада при намаляне на въглехидратите.
При абсолютно всички мид-а пада бързо. Това е доста добър показател за това, че тренирането с тежести подобрява скоростта с която се случват нещата и ускорява превръщането на цикличния Т4.
Работи се върху крем от ликориш доколкото знам и се говори, че ще бъде бум когато се пусне.
Лайл Мкдоналд е голям фен на йохимбин, особено на гладно и преди интервално + монотонно кардио.
За мен това знание (доколкото ни е дадено откъслечно, не сме го учили дълбоко) е полезно дотолкова доколкото може да ни насочи какви отклонения да търсим когато се консултираме с ендокринолог и какви модификации може да направим в начина на живот за да подобрим положението. Хората медикаментозно манипулират цялата игра, на мен това никога не ми е било интересно.
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