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How many times a week?

  1 month membership8 training sessions
Time Off-peak Peak Off-peak Peak
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Personal trainer
Materials on nutrition and food supplements
Monthly measurement of body fat
Calculation of optimal lean body mass
Monthly measurement of mobility
Individual consultations on menu optimization
Monthly measurement of training results
Extensive experience in the field of training and nutrition since 2002
Towels, showers, hairdryers
Personal lockers
A modern, light and clean studio
Access to a personal file with your results
Forum, blog and a Facebook group with useful information

First one-time consultation 90 min.


Second one-time consultation 60 min.


Package 2 consultations: 90 min + 60 min + training program


Creating a training program for people familiar with our system


Body fat measurement

Measurement of body fat with a caliper
Calculation of body fat percentage and lean body mass according to our precise formula


1 fitness training session with a personal trainer
1 stretching training session
Body fat and lean body mass measurement
Lecture, brochures and individual practical advice on proper nutrition