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SPIDER SPORT offers fitness studios for personal training with personal trainers. The training is always led by a personal trainer who participates in the whole process demonstrating the exercises to the client and guiding the client through correct performance. Get to know the service and our team with a first training session (free if do NOT continue to train with us).

Unlike the standard fitness training with machines, our free weights training system (with dumbbells, bars, kettlebells, cables, elastic bands) develops the body harmoniously and functionally by multi-joint exercises. Our work focuses on improving the posture, walk, strength and mobility of each client. The strength and conditioning training in SPIDER SPORT improves the effectiveness and pleasure of practicing your favourite sports.

Our training system with a personal trainer is suitable for pregnant women who would like to keep their bodies healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy or to recover after pregnancy.

We also work with foreigners in Bulgaria and offer them personal training and all materials in English and French. The club has 14 trainers trained and certified in the SPIDER SPORT Academy. You also have the option of rotating your personal trainers to take advantage of the knowledge, experience, training and motivation approach of each of them.

The monthly subscription for a personal trainer includes personal training, lecture and materials on nutrition, individual nutrition consulting by your personal trainer at each training session, calculation of your optimal calories consumption on the basis of your lean body mass and your goals, initial and monthly progress report through body fat measurements and measurement of mobility, strength and stamina. Our studios offer a calm and friendly environment and everything you need to work out: showers, towels, hair dryers, soap, personal lockers with hangers, and a modern, light and clean training space.

See the results of clients following the SPIDER SPORT training system.

In our studios you can also purchase a gift card for 2 training sessions with a personal trainer, 1 stretching training, body fat measurement and a lecture on proper nutrition for the price of 45 BGN.

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Streching by personal trainer Vili Jeliazkova

Streching by personal trainer Vili Jeliazkova


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