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SPIDER SPORT offers wonderful conditions for relaxation, sport and wholesome nutrition at our fitness vacations. We invite you to share with us a week close to nature – on the sea shore in the summer and at the mountain sports base Belmeken in winter. You will learn directly from the knowledge and experience of the trainers of SPIDER SPORT and the guru Milko Georgiev in a group of positive and motivated people.

The programme includes a menu that we planned in advance according to the principles of High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition. You will eat nothing but high quality products and properly mineralized water selected by SPIDER SPORT. The menu is prepared according to our instructions and calories calculations. At the fitness vacation you will see for yourselves that you can eat properly without getting hungry and you will learn to build your menu in the best and most effective way.

Along with proper nutrition you will burn more calories in morning work outs on the beach, hiking in Strandzha mountain and along the mount of the rivers Ropotamo and Veleka and outdoor games in the evening. You will get to know new and interesting games, stretching exercises and ways of training without a fitness gym and machines. SPIDER SPORT also provides a massage therapist who will be at your disposal throughout the vacation.

The results of proper nutrition and training will be accounted through measuring the fat percentage at the beginning and at the end of the fitness vacation.

What are the benefits for those who want to lose weight?

  1. You will eat a calculated amount of calories in a high-fat low-carb menu
  2. You will have more intensive physical activity, which will lead to increased metabolism combined with a sufficient calorie intake
  3. After the fitness vacation you will have higher energy consumption at rest, which will help you to keep on losing weight after you come back from the fitness vacation
  4. If you have hit a plateau, this week will be jump start your progress
  5. You will be together with people who have the same goals as you and you will have their support
  6. You will have constant access to the trainers who will offer you their advice and help you to plan your diet better after the fitness vacation

See a short video and pictures from the fitness vacations organized by SPIDER SPORT.

Pricess: Fitness vacation
Sunday stretching with Stefan Stoychev

Sunday stretching with Stefan Stoychev


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