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Milko Georgiev has been researching and teaching the principles of proper nutrition since 2002. Being a pioneer of High-Fat Low-Carb Nutrition he has developed practices that have proved to be the most successful in the field of nutrition. His participation in dozens of TV shows, forums and lectures has helped thousands of people in Bulgaria and around the world. SPIDER SPORT clients have the opportunity to use the know-how and advantages of this system. All trainers in SPIDER SPORT have been trained personally by Milko Georgiev and apply the principles of High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition for themselves and their families.

The main goals achieved are loss of excessive fat, increased levels of energy and concentration, as well as shaping a healthy and harmonious body with optimal lean body mass. The results are tracked on a monthly basis with a caliper measurement, which helps us follow your long-term progress and improve your nutrition.

SPIDER SPORT gives you knowledge and practical advice on how to eat properly once and for all. The monthly subscription includes a lecture on nutrition in a small group, individual nutrition consulting by your personal trainer at each training session; materials on nutrition and food supplements (vitamins and minerals); recipes in the forum and in our Facebook group.

You also have the option to choose an individual micro-seminar on nutrition if you don’t train or you are not a member of the club, which will teach you the most important things on nutrition and give you practical advice on the organization of your menu and shopping of high quality and wholesome foods.

We can also build you an indicative weekly menu based on your measurements, tastes and goals.

See the principles of healthy nutrition, video materials by Milko Georgiev and our recommendations on food supplements.

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Valentin Velchev<br /> SPIDER GAMES competition Lunge 150 kg

Valentin Velchev
SPIDER GAMES competition Lunge 150 kg


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