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SPIDER SPORT has a team of specialists consulting and training people with spine curvatures disorders (scoliosis, pathological kyphosis and lordosis), problems of the musculoskeletal system (discopathy, spinal disc herniation, limited joint mobility, secondary rehabilitation after joint operations (knees, shoulders). The program is guided by a certified kinesiotherapist with extensive experience in rehabilitation with free weights training.

In the cases of spine curvatures disorders the trainer makes an initial diagnostic procedure and curvature measurement on the basis of an X-ray image. Based on the outcome, the trainer builds a personal program for the client according to the principles of SPIDER SPORT’s asymmetrical rehabilitation set of exercises. The exercises are aimed at strengthening the extended and weak muscles and at the same time at extending the shortened muscles causing the curvature.

In the cases of discopathy, spinal disc herniations and limited joint mobility your personal trainer will select an appropriate antagonistic set of exercises in order to extend the shortened muscles and strengthen the weak muscles in the problematic area. The end result is to ensure painless and free movement of the body in your daily life.

In cases of secondary rehabilitation after joint surgeries (torn Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) or meniscus on the knees, ligaments on the shoulders) we apply an effective training program to restore the balance, enhance strength and flexibility and recover the full mobility of the joint. We work with professional athletes who have are recovering from serious traumas and have undergone surgeries.

Results of people who recovered using our rehabilitation services.

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Friday evening stretching with Evgenia Petkova

Friday evening stretching with Evgenia Petkova


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