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SPIDER SPORT offers stretching courses in our two studios in Iztok and Lozenetz. The groups consist of up to 6 people, which allows for paying personal attention to everyone. The trainers will help you to stretch properly and gradually following the stretching program developed by Milko Georgiev and SPIDER SPORT team. The stretching class consists of two parts: improving joint mobility and working on flexibility.

During the first part the exercises are focused on improving the mobility (range of motion) of all joints: shoulders, neck, pelvis, knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. After having spent numerous hours on the computer in the office, you tend to unconsciously stoop, which leads to pain in the back, neck and arms. The incorrect walk, the uncomfortable shoes and the lack of physical activity often lead to conditions such as flat feet, lazy ankles and shortened achilles (heel tendons). The set of stretching exercises offered by SPIDER SPORT is particularly aimed at correcting such deformations. The increased joint mobility significantly improves the exercising technique during training and brings back the comfort in your daily life.

During the second part of the stretching set you will stretch every muscle in your body and will learn how to fight the stretch reflex which restricts your natural flexibility. In exercises in pairs your partner will help you to work according to the principles of dynamic stretching. The trainer will adjust the intensity and complexity of the stretching class to the level of the group. The beginners whose muscles are shortened and whose joints are more immobile are given elastic bands and the trainer helps them to perform the exercises. The advanced are given more complex variations of the exercises.

Results of people who mixing training sessions and stretching.

Studio Pliska: Friday 17:30h., Sunday: 11:30h.
Studio Lozenetz: Sunday 11:30h.

Call 0876 1000 41 now to make a reserve a spot in the Stretching class

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Valentin Velchev
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